Sunday 19th June

By on Jun 20 2011

I got up at 9 am and had my breakfast at 10 am. A little tired I stayed in bed until 12 noon. I was not in any pain so it seemed my medication was working. Watched a recording of yesterday’s day 1 of the European two day Athletic event and then today’s event. I had a nap between 5.30 pm and 7 pm. I did some more painting work after dinner until 9 pm, nearly finishing one work of art. I received father’s day cards from all my step and in law children along with cards from their children. Every time I eat I bite my bottom right lip. It is now getting sore. Biting my lip is caused by the numb patch around the lip concerned (similar to the numbness when you have a local anaesthetic for a dentist’s filling). I have had the numbness for over a week so I should see my GP. After my evening medication I watched a little TV and then went to bed. Today was one of those unusual pain free days.

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