Saturday 25th June

By on Jul 14 2011

I got up late than normal when Janice got up the answer the phone. It was Dominic who to her that he was the proud father of a baby boy born at 5.30 am weighing 9 lbs and 9 oz. He was named William. This means we have 4 girls and 2 boys as our grandchildren. Because of my hospital commitments we will have to wait until later next week before we can visit them. I feel normal except for slight pain which means my 100 mg of Zomorph twice a day is working. I did some work on the Looe Life Boat Station painting for the Downderry Exhibition. Watched the Grand Prix followed by my 3 to 5 pm afternoon nap. We were picked up by John and Elaine at 6.30 pm for Sarah Hall’s party. Squid Ink was full of family and friends. The four course meal cooked by Sarah was a real treat. It seemed that Sarah was very pleased with my picture of the Squid Ink restaurant. So much so that she got everyone to write their name of the back and anything else they felt appropriate. We shared a taxi home with a couple who were at the party. When we got home I took my medication and watched some TV. Unfortunately when going to bed the taste was too much and I was sick. Because it was over an hour since I took my medication I did not take any extra tablets. Janice and I were in bed by 1 am.

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