Saturday 18th June

By on Jun 20 2011

I got up at 2 am just after I had gone to bed as I was in too much pain. Sat watching TV interspaced with upper body and leg exercises. My pain and discomfort was so bad I thought about dying. My thoughts covered overdosing, jumping and other was of taking my life. Maybe I should visit some suicide sites to see what’s on offer. I also thought about hospices with all their pros and cons. I also thought about everyone who would be affected by my departure and whether they (particularly Janice) were prepared. I eventually went to bed at 4 am. I had difficulty getting to sleep but eventually dosed off getting approximately 5 hours sleep waking at 9 am. At 10 am I had my medication ensuring I took 100 mg of Zomorph and 20 mg of liquid Ibuprofen. The problem with sleep less nights is being very tired and not doing the things you wanted to do during the day such as my painting and PC work.  Both Janice and I had a nap together in the late afternoon. Today was The Great Drag Race in London and I wondered how many men took part in the race, whether my nephews took part and how much money was raised. I must call my sister Fran to find out what happened. Not much more to other than we watched TV and I went to bed before midnight.

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