Awareness Poster Downloads

To help increase awareness, Love Your Prostate (LYP) has produced some A4 sized posters designed to be displayed in men’s and women’s toilets just above the urinal and/or behind a toilet cubicle door.

The posters use a “wee” rhyming tale, written by Doug Gray and poem by Christine Horn to extol the virtues of not ignoring the signs of possible prostate cancer.

If you love your man dinkyanddonkyorange

Profits generated by the sale of the book “A Finger Up Your…” will be used to increase the greater awareness of the symptoms and risks of prostate cancer, with one method being the display of ‘DINKY and DONKY’ and ‘If You Love Your Man’ posters in Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs and other establishments in which members of the public frequent.

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All downloads are FREE. Please print out your poster(s) and display as appropriate.

If you love your man

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