Monday 20th June

By on Jul 14 2011

Got up pain free. After my breakfast and medication I finished off the painting hoping that it would dry for the party at Squid Ink on Saturday evening. The painting will be a gift to Sarah Hall, the ex Chef and Owner of Squid Ink. Telephoned a lady in Wales who’s father has prostate cancer at a similar stage as mine. In conversation she mentioned how when you meet friends and colleagues they ask “how’s your dad” instead of “how are you it must be difficult looking after your dad.” It’s that same thing with Janice. Very rarely do people ask how she is coping. The lady in Wales told me that the drug Abiraterone will be available end on this year. She also told me that treatment from outside the UK could be got for £42,000. At some time in the near future I need the Western Morning News and Local Newspapers to publish an article on how many men’s lives will be lost each month Abiraterone is delayed supported by profiles of those that are at risk such as this woman’s father, my friend Dennis and myself.

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