What to do next

Most Important: If you are a male aged 50 years or more and have any of the symptoms and risks mentioned, book an appointment with your GP and request a Digital Rectum Examination (DRE). If the prostate is enlarged and/or is not smooth and soft to the touch, this could indicate a problem that may need further investigation and tests.

Independent of the DRE, you may want to be reassured by requesting a PSA blood test which your GP cannot refuse. However, your GP will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the PSA test result to help you decide whether to go ahead with the test.

Independent of whether you have or had prostate cancer, know somebody who has or has had prostate cancer, or have any of the symptoms mentioned, your actions regarding the following would be appreciated.

If you agree after reading the information provided on national screening that it would provide more ‘good’ than ‘harm’, in other words you are a supporter of national screening, please consider:

  1. Sending an e-mail to your family, friends, colleagues, associates, as you feel appropriate, explaining why you are a supporter of national screening. Also include an electronic link and/or reference to this web site for their support and action.
  2. If you know people who do not have access to a computer and/or e-mail, download relevant documents and give/send this as a hard copy with an accompanying letter/note explaining why you are a supporter of national screening and what to do next.
  3. Write a letter to the Secretary of State for Health (Andrew Lansley CBE), the UK Cancer Director (Professor Sir Michael Richards) the UK National Screening Committee (UKNSC) programme director (Dr Anne Mackie) and the Prostate Cancer Charity (John Neate),
  4. If you are not a supporter of national screening, then please compose a suitable e-mail to your family, friends, colleagues, associates, as you feel appropriate, explaining why you do not support national screening but request them to make their own decision based on the information provided on this web site.

In addition to the above, if you are interested in becoming more involved in the awareness of prostate cancer you may wish to consider helping the Prostate Cancer Charity by offering your services in areas such as:

Making a donation
Make a one-off or regular donation, leave the Charity a gift in your will or make a donation in memory of a loved one

Becoming a Volunteer
Getting involved in the Charity’s work.

Fundraising Events
Organise a fundraising activity on your own or as a club or apply for a place in one of the Charity’s events

Through your company
Support the Charity through your company or at work: employee fundraising, charity of the year, sponsorship or cause-related marketing

Special events
Becoming involved in high profile events organised by the Charity

Trusts and foundations
Support the Charity via your Trust or Foundation

Purchase gifts or our branded goods from the Charity

Recycle your used ink cartridges or mobile phones to raise funds.

Awareness video
Viewing and distributing the “Simple Things” download video that raises awareness of how prostate cancer can affect the whole family.
For more detailed information on the Prostate Cancer Charity and to register your interest, go to their website at prostatecanceruk.org


Disclaimer: Although the Author of this site has made his best endeavours to provide factual and accurate information, the complex nature of the subject and the rapidly changing environment, the Author cannot accept any liability as a consequence of the information provided.