Prostate Cancer – A Finger Up Your…

About the book

Prostate Cancer BookThe prime purpose of this book, published by Love Your Prostate is to increase awareness of prostate cancer, a life-threatening disease that causes the death of approximately 10,000 men each year in the UK.

The reason why this death rate is so high is that the UK Department of Health does not have national screening like it does for cervical and breast cancer in women and/or run a public information awareness campaign.

As it is highly unlikely that national screening for prostate cancer and/or greater awareness will occur in the near future this book highlights the symptoms and risks of prostate cancer and also gives guidance to men on how to implement their own screening programme.

Although prostate cancer is a male disease, it is important that women also read this book as they can often persuade their partner, father, brothers, uncles, male colleagues and friends to take action thus preventing them being one of the 10,000 unnecessary deaths each year.

Once read, this book should not to be left on a shelf gathering dust. Instead, it should be gifted and/or loaned to another person, male or female, to increase awareness and potentially save men’s lives.

For those men and women who easily get bored when reading, the most important information and essential reading is contained in the Foreword and Chapters 1 through 8.

Chapters 9 through 14 contain useful background information for increased knowledge about prostate cancer and how the reader can help spread the “greater awareness” message.

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Download a copy of A Finger Up YourAlternatively, you can download an electronic copy of the book by clicking the pdf link above. The pdf file is 400KB.