Welcome to “Love Your Prostate”

Doug GrayThis website was created by Douglas Gray (pictured) who was diagnosed with incurable Advanced Prostate Cancer in January 2009. Douglas passed away peacefully on Thursday 25th August 2011.

The purpose of the website is to provide information that can be used by interested people, groups, associations, etc. to help:

  • reduce deaths
  • increase life expectancy
  • and reduce treatment complications

from a disease that kills 10,000 men a year of which 8,000 + are diagnosed with incurable advance prostate cancer of which 3,000 + die within the first year of diagnosis.

The information can be used for lobbying for the introduction of national screening (like breast cancer for women) and increasing greater awareness of the disease. A number of useful information sources for this purpose are provided as follows:

Also provided is a Diary page regularly published online by Douglas covering a number of personal aspects in his life. It is intended that this diary will have an entry for every day in his life leading up to his eventual death from the disease.

In addition, Douglas has provided a My Art page of his drawings and oil paintings he has produced, before and after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Also provided are some contact details to other useful information sources.

Douglas has also published a book titled “A Finger Up Your…” which is available for purchase on this website.

Other useful information links:

Dr. Catalona in the US: Website: www.drcatalona.com
The RedSock Campaign: www.theredsock.co.uk